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Cyprus Permanent Residency by Investment

The Immigration Permit allows non-Cypriot, non-EU nationals to enter and reside permanently in Cyprus, provided they meet specific real estate investment criteria. This permit does not have an expiration date, eliminating the need for renewal.

  • Minimum Investment: At least €300,000 (plus VAT) must be invested in residential properties.
  • Source of Funds: The investment must be sourced from abroad.
  • Payment Proof: Proof of payment for the €300,000 (excluding VAT) must be included in the application.
  • Property Units: The applicant can invest in up to two residential units.
  • Family Needs: The acquired property must be suitable for the size of the investor’s family.
  • Property Acquisition Timing: If the property was acquired more than one year before the application, a recent Search Certificate from the Land Registry Department must be submitted by the investor.
  • Transfer of Funds: The investment amount should be paid from the applicant’s bank account to the seller’s account in a Cyprus financial institution.

Disclaimer: It is advised to check for the latest news and updates.


Children aged 18 to 25

Advantages of Cyprus residency:

Why Choose Cyprus

Sunshine all year round
Top quality education and healthcare
One of the safest countries to live in with family and raise your children
Attractive tax system
European union member
Excellent geographical location