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Welcome to Sakyrco

Sakyrco is a national construction and project development company with years of experience in the industry having been established in 1991. Our aim is to bring lasting benefits to our clients with the places we create for them to live in.

Ongoing Projects

Our Vision

Envisioning continuous improvement and energy efficiency, we promise long-term client satisfaction through unique designs. We create functional, cozy spaces in prime locations, ensuring a high return on investment.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to using only high-end materials and embracing innovative design to craft functional and cozy spaces in prime locations. Our philosophy is centered around delivering unparalleled value, ensuring long-term client satisfaction, and promoting a sustainable future.

Cyprus Permanent Residency by Investment

The permanent residence permit programme adopted by the Cypriot government allows individuals with a high enough income for a decent living in Cyprus,
without the need to be engaged in any local business, to invest in the island.